bobbie - APIs for construction material trade

As a digital construction material dealer, bobbie can obviously also be reached via APIs for all use cases. See here a list of the supported APIs with links to further reference.

While most API endpoints are public and free, some require free user registration, while few also are invitation only.

Reach out to contact below if not yet in touch with us to gain access or help.

Document Exchange

Probably the most frequent use case is exchanging standard business documents. While we can speak EDI, we don't consider this a way forward for the highly fragmented construction industry and therefore strongly discourage using it.

Instead we have DTRANS (german description, upcoming RFC spec) that solves API discovery and transmission without any configuration for all standard business documents. 


Those APIs are free and automatically used when you announce support via DTRANS.


The most frequent use case is the integration into procurement solutions/ERP systems. For a simple setup, we suggest PunchOut:

  • IDS-Connect 2.5 is the most recent one. As we are stabilizing the tender extension, access needs to be requested, but is open to anyone interested.


For more advanced integrations, usually into digial / e-procurement solutions you can rely on more fine grained APIs:

  • Use the massive amount of GraphQL, SOAP or REST Apis of our mage 2 basis for user / address / transaction integration and even more advanced stuff. Check it out, entry into more than 100 APIs here. Access is free / user authenticated for most useful parts, with some admin related stuff obviously invitation only.
  • For Tender / Quote IO, please rely on the cart2quote endpoints. Access as above.
  • For larger tenders, please submit them as a GAEB XML file using the API above. While we also support the ancient binary formats, XML strongly preferred. We only answer in GAEB XML x84 at the moment.
  • Primitive fallback is Gaeb XML/PDF to

Base Data

  • All our product data can be freely accessed using CMPS (German description). This is machine and human readable, use something like the validator to get going.

  • To get product data to us, we support a bunch of proprietary XML and CSV from PIM systems, plus our own CSV dialekt. This is invitation only for suppliers. When reasonable, we will add new dialects.

  • Same holds true for shipping data. These data models are super complex, see this for an introduction.

  • All other standard base data can be exchanged via CSV / XML, see here. Get in touch if you need that.

  • Our product configurator, courtesy of fabbrain, is configured using Excel (!), specification here.


  • We do have Zapier endpoints and webhooks for various proprietary use cases. Reach out if you need something not in the lists above.

  • We're happy to add your oauth authentication solution in case we identify a valid customer base.

  • Technically we do support AMQP, STOMP, MQTT. We will be surprised if someone comes up with an external use case :)

  • We are probably the only company having an API to Aktivbank Factoring. Reach out if you want to license that.

Contact for API Questions

Alexander Gran
Alexander Gran