Welcome to bobbie Building Supplies!

Our International Sales department specializes in the sourcing and export of products produced in Germany, as well as vice versa products manufactured throughout other European regions sold into Germany. 

bobbie has strong relationships with various manufacturers in Germany as well as throughout Europe.  

This provides us with access to a large range of professional building material across all trades.

Do not hesitate to contact our International Sales Manager.

Maximilian Feicht
Maximilian Feicht
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We are happy to support you in various languages, such as English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian & Polish amongst others.

Industries / Trades:

Civil and underground construction

e.g. piping, manhole & chambers, geotextiles, thermal insulation

Road construction

e.g. piping, sedimentation tanks, chemicals

Gardening and landscaping

e.g. piping, paving, gutters, drainage system, fencing

Civil engineering

e.g. brickwork, sealing

Dry construction

e.g. insulation (rockwool, mineralwool, EPS, XPS, blowing wool, …), OSB, chemicals

Interior works & finishings

e.g. painting, silicone, doors, parquet flooring, tiles, plaster


e.g. timber, membranes, insulation, roof tiles

Facade engineering

e.g. clinker, concrete facade, doors, windows


e.g. tiles, silicone, fittings, piping, floor heating

Prices and delivery:

bobbie manages a steady flow of sales to all neighboring countries for various building materials.

bobbie offers various quantities, starting from sample material, small quantities, right through to full trucks / 40 foot container and beyond (jumbos).


Concrete filters sold to South-East Asia
Power plant chimney Insulation materials projects in Far-East Asia
Green roof systems projects in Eastern Europe
Various Insulation material sales to Southern Europe
Piping system sales to Central Europe