Mehrzweck-Sprossenleiter, NV 3322, 4х5

Positions of using
Leaning rung ladder
Leaning, L-shaped rung ladder
Standing platform
The ladder is intended for regular professional use. Optimal for construction, installation, repair and maintenance work at a height of up to 5.5 m. Complies with GOST (Russian standard) R58752−2019.
The increased width of 650 mm provides additional comfort during long working hours.
Self-locking hinge device is regulated by one hand.
Steps 28×28 mm with a step of 260 mm are firmly connected to the posts by a 32-fold rolling connection. The surface of the steps is corrugated to eliminate slipping when climbing.
The profile of the ladder stiles is additionally reinforced in the most loaded places.
Two rigid 1056 mm crossbars provide a wide support area. The traverses are quickly removed and installed using special fasteners built into the profile to avoid loss.
For reliable fastening of the traverse and protection of the staircase profile, surrounding surfaces and objects from damage, special plastic inserts are provided.
Two-component feet of cross-bar prevent risk of slipping, they are reliably riveted. The hard component provides secure fastening, the soft one prevents the ladder from slipping.
The use of the ladder in the “Platform” position is allowed only with a standard removable board (art. 3930). The flooring is not included in the set, it is purchased separately.
Practicality and attention to each component guarantee safe work at any required height.
Многофункциональная лестница-трансформер профессиональная шириной 500 мм NV 3326


SKUNOVA3322405@1 Stück
Hersteller SKU3322405 Stück
Gewicht18.8 Kilogramm


Länge147 cm
Höhe / Dicke26 cm
Breite66 cm




Variante4x5 Stufen
MaterialAluminium Stück

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